Exciting: Dog attends mass daily after the death of his owner, waiting for her to “come back”

In the small town of San Donaci, near Brindisi, in Italy, something special happens. With 12-year-old German Shepherd named Tommy goes to mass every day and sits and waits, patiently, in front of the altar. This routine has a single objective: to wait for his owner can come back and take him home.

Tommy always returns to the scene because this was the place he saw her for the last time. The funeral was held in this church, so he waits, day after day, she can pick it up.

He remains throughout the mass, quiet and without bark. Has a habit of staying for hours, even when the priest is no longer at the altar.

The Italian newspaper Il Messaggero, said the case leaves the city all touched and thrilled. This is a genuine demonstration of loyalty and love.


Mary of the Fields was very well known in the town. She lived alone with Tommy and three other dogs. All used to follow her into your routine visits and prayers in the Church, but only the German Shepherd continued doing the same path every day.


Residents of the region the feed and give water. He currently lives on the streets. In fact, he does not accept to be adopted by anybody and expect your tutor can pick him up one day.