The ghost goal that is giving that talk in the Bundesliga

In the Bundesliga, Hoffenheim 1-2 in Leverkusen, date of opening of the ninth round, the referee has validated a phantom goal of Kießling. A silly thing and that will certainly give a lot to talk about (one of the biggest scandals in recent times). Leverkusen striker headed out but the ball went through the outside of the network and to …

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This is what happens when four advanced join against a goalkeeper

It was during the game River Plate against Belgrano who got this thing first. In a game in which the River Plate wins the Belgrano by two balls, one of the bids was most prominent for being totally unheard of. In fact, this thing deserved more prominence than the result. The goalkeeper Acosta, the Belgrano, was all alone against four …

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