Brazilian biker makes video on Kawasaki H2 more than 400 km/h

A Brazilian rider made a video on your Kawasaki H2 more than 400 km/h. a speed very hard to achieve, but did. Note that you should always drive on the roads safely. Speeds of these involve a high risk of accident, whether alone or with other vehicles. Don’t put your life and that of others in danger.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has a new car valued at 2.5 million euros

Cristiano Ronaldo loves buying new cars, and preferably large machines. The last one I bought cost him 2.5 million euros. Only for those who can, isn’t it? But it’s always good to remember that our Christian always worked a lot to get what you want. A life of much sacrifice but it was worth it.

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Ross Wallace steal player ticket adverário and read the instructions

It was a game between Huddersfield Town and Sheffield Wedsnesday Ross Wallace starred in one of the more comical scenes of football in recent times. The opponent was reading a note with instructions for the game, and he drew him the note and read it. Kachunga starts right up on the paper back, and Wallace smiled, like he said it …

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